Knoc's Audioscope Creation 98


Hi! We have reached over 100 scopes now!! So I thought I should add page 2!

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PS...These pages may only be viewed by Webtv!! And CLASSICS may have problems!!! I have added how big each page is to help you.

"Butterfly" SloMo (21.3k) "Egyptian" ~K~ (14.9k) "Green Bean" ~Dan~ (12.3k) "Heart" Charmed (3.8k) "Crossing Paths" Slo Mo (24.3k)
"Lodi" Dale(7.0k) "Cyberswirl" Slo Mo (24.3k) "Horse" Knoc (38.7k) "Candycane" Chardonnay1 (19.0k) "Pulsar" Slo Mo (13.3k)
"Colorbleed" Slo Mo (13.3k) "Holly" Chardonnay1 (20.1k) "Butterfly" Knoc (3.3k) "Banjo" RG (15.7k) "Peace Sign" Chardonnay1 (13.2k)
"Teddy Bear" Chardonnay1 (27.6k) "Home Sweet Home" Snow Qn (35.0k) "Lightbulb" RG (3.6k) "Temple" SloMo (30.6k) "Peace Sign" Jade (9.9k)
"Cupid" Knoc (k) "Coffeepot" "K" (14.6k) "Box" Knoc (7.0k) "Rainbow" Slo Mo (16.3k) "Which Way" Slo Mo (15.4k)
"Back o Dollar" Dale (4.2k) "Star" Speady (6.6k) "Labrys" Kiss (4.1k) "Steelers" Snow Qn (19.6k) "diamond ring" ParrotLadyVa (6.6k)
"Boxes" Dale (5.2k) "Butterfly" Y2K Spead(12.0k) "Low Rider" RG (5.2k) "Sword" RG (7.6k) "Woman" kiss (15.0k)
"Prayer Wheel" DW (4.9k) "Pink?" RG (3.4k) "High Flight" JG (7.4k) "Cheeseburger" Dale (10.6k) "Smokin Guns" JG (7.3k)
"Hitchcock" JG (78k) "2 Faces" JG (7.9k) "Wed Wose" DW (9.4k) "Tranquil Escape" ~K~ (.k) "Shroom" Melani (2.5k)
"Piano" ~K~ "Peacock" Knoc (12.6k) "Gun" LeeLee (5.4k) "Air Balloon" ~K~(5.0k) "ET" RG (14.8k)
"Optical Illusion" DW (13.2k) "Balloon Race 99" ALL!! (k) "Easter Eggs" ALL!! "Oh Baby" knoc (28.k) "Birdie" ParrotLadyVa (7.7k)
"Bunnie" Tiger11 (38.4k) "JavaScopes" CoolScopes "Regatta" ALL "Tap Dancer" Barb (8.1k) "RG Scope Show" RG
"Diamond" Jim (51.6k) "Quad" Jim (4.5k) "Hypno" DW (3.7k) "Duckie" ParrotLadyVa (21.5k) "Joe Cool" Worf (15.8k)
"cat/mouse" Barb (11.2k) "Dozer"DozerMan (9.2k) "JavaScopes" Knoc "Coming Soon" "Coming Soon"

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