WebTV users need to have an account with either The WTV-Zone
or Domania Internet Server to open Zipped files.

WebTV Font & Dingbat Tutorials

IM - Tutor_Annotate How 2's TTF & Dings

MsV's The Magic of Dingbats

CC/P Fonts To ImageMagick by Lois

Un-Zipping Files at The WTV-Zone

How to Unzip at the Warehouse

Using Flaming Text Dingbats

Sherry's WebTV TTF Instructions

Grab,Unzip & Use that Dingbat

How to use these TTF Files by Chicago Chick

Using Dingbats For Decorating Images

Glitter Your Fonts

Using A ttf Font

Using That Dingbat

Not WebTV Compatible ((((Zipped Fonts))))
Computer users will need WinZip or another similar
program to open the following zipped files.

PC users on how to download fonts and make them show up in their font files

How To Install Dingbats & Fonts for Windows9x or NT 4.0 by Hypergurl

Font Face Tag Tutorial by Web Diner

Winzip Tutorial-How to unzip a file using Winzip by Hypergurl

How To Install Fonts Using Win95 or 98+

Installing True Type fonts: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, Windows 2000

Font Installation Procedure for WindowsXP

Adding True Type fonts in Windows 9x

Windows 3.1x True Type font Installation

Installing True Type fonts on WindowsXP

Dingbats-What are Dingbats?

Microsoft Typography

Coron's Sources of Fonts

Ellie's Treasure Font Tutorials

Fonts.com Help/FAQ

Other Peoples Font Links

Some Great Font Tools

Font Tester - CSS Font Comparison Tool

Make your own fonts using FontCreator

Make images using fonts at FontPark *

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