Basic Imaged Text Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial on adding an image to text using ImageMagick.

Start with a transparent background like this one. 400 x 200.

Click here for transparent background

Take the transparent background to ImageMagic and resize if necessary. Choose "Annotate" to create text. For this tutorial I chose the ImageMagick font Bookman-Demi and set "Density" to "200" and set fill color to "Grey" (Makes the text easier to see) set gravity to "Center" and background color to "none" then click annotate. This is the result:

When you see your text click the "Composite" tab and add the url for the image you want for your text. I used this one for the tute:

Choose Compose "In" and check the "Tile across image" box (not necessary with larger images). Click "Composite" and you will get a result like this:

At this point you may have what you want, you can just click the "Transform" tab and choose "Trim" to remove the excess transparent space and/or add any effects to the text you wish. But in this tutorial I'm going to skip that because I want to add a background image to my text.

Now, click the "Composite" tab and add the url of the image you want to place the text over. I'll use this one for the example:

Now, choose "Compose" "DstOver" (this will place the background under the text) and check the "Tile across image" box again (again, not necessary if using a larger image). Click "Compose" and you're finished. You will get this result:

Click the "Output" tab and collect your image.

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