Fun's Simple Shear Example

Simple Shear Example



Here's how

(Use Arbor Imagemagick Studio)

For the example above I did the folowing.

I took the "before" image to Imagemagick Studio.

Chose Decorate and did a simple border using the default parameter settings and #324C96 for the border color.

After getting my blue border I then clicked the the Transform tab.

Entered 25x25 in the parameter box. Clicked on the Shear button then clicked the Transform button and got a nice shear with a transparent background.

Then chose the composite tab. Once on the Composite page I chose DstOver from the dropdown list. Checked the box for Tile Across Image. Then clicked the Composite button.

I liked the results so I then went back to Decorate and did another border exactly the same as I did above. At this point the image was really large so I resized it down for the finished result. Output the image as a Jpg and collected the url.

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